Magic 8 Ball Signs exists to provide exceptional lettering and design for businesses and individuals. If you are someone who has passion for what you do and you want to advertise your message with pride and timeless quality, you’ve come to the right place.  I specialize in traditional methods that were developed by tradesmen in the late 19th century. All of the signs I make are customized to your specifications and are made from the highest quality materials available. 

I’m from New Mexico, I grew up farming and making things with my hands. I learned art and advertising fundamentals in school and worked a lot of labor jobs too. I kept searching for the thing I was meant to do. I found it when I went to Los Angeles Trade Tech College, the last sign painting trade program in the country.

For two years I learned from the instructors there, Doc Guthrie and Carlos Aguilar. They taught me the skills needed to earn a living painting signs. Since 2017 I have been traveling painting signs for businesses both small and large. It’s easy to romanticize the process and outcome of our work but at the end of the day we remember the sign painter’s mantra: IOAFS (it’s only a fucking sign).